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When we say this keychain has everything you need, we mean it!

This keychain is great for hikers, dog walkers, dog businesses, or families that walk their dog/s daily. Ideal for traveling with your fur baby to the park, dog shows or outside on your yard for training.

The wristlet has a soft comfort for short or prolonged hold. The keychain contains a silicone collapsible water/food bowl. It is also equipped with a ready-to-use flashlight (batteries included) that is ideal for night walks. It also contains a fashionable handmade resin keychain.

Hand sanitizers are today's must-haves and that's why we made sure to make them part of the wristlets. Also included, a dog clicker for positive reinforcement and dog whistle for training or commands. Of course, we added the infamous poop bag holder with bags included. Finally, a collar light for your fur baby's collar and an adorable paw print charm and pom poms because why not!?

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