About Us.

Dogs are and have always been my favorite.That’s why I have 6 of my very own. There’s my oldest Cassidy, she is 15 years old and is an American Blue nose Pitbull. Then there’s my 3 American Bully’s , Capone, Chapo and Milan and of course my 2 French Bull dogs Frenchie and Esco.

Having 6 dogs and three kids isn’t as hard as people make it seem sometimes. To me it comes as second nature to care for all my babies. After all they depend on me and I won’t let them down.

Everyone always knows me for having dogs and some even come to me for advise on how to care, feed and keep up with their breed. I originally needed something to make things easier for me and the dogs when taking them out . I use to just carry a water bottle and pour the water out to their mouth hoping they would be able to drink enough before the bottle ran out .
One day I took Capone to a dog show and it was so hot that day with not a cloud in the sky , he and so many other dogs were just so exhausted from the heat,I was wishing I found any sort of bucket to just keep him hydrated. I couldn’t wait any longer seeing him so hot and tired of walking and waiting in the sun. We didn’t even wait for awards. I took him to my truck turned the AC on high and took him home to rest.

I always wanted a small business that I can call my own that came from with in . The business had to revolve around finding a way other dog owners could take advantage of something useful and enjoyable while making not only their life’s easier with every you need on your wrist but also their fur babies life easier and better, and so the Keli Kennel Wristlet vision came to life!